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    Genshiken Mission & Vision


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    Genshiken Mission & Vision

    Post by Famfrit on Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:28 am


    FSUU (Father Saturnino Urios University) Genshiken; an official organization
    of the said university, appreciates the modern visual arts as well as embody friendship
    and camaraderie in each individual in the organization.


    As such, FSUU Genshiken commits itself to:
    1. Appreciate the modern visual arts that exist in the society today.
    2. In line with this, the organization aims to nurture the talents of its members and be able to
    provide opportunities to bring out such talents.
    3. Establish camaraderie and friendship as well as understanding among each individual within
    the organization.
    4. Maintain respect and fellowship within the organization and its members.

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